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it’s part of our service to do branding. If you find yourself in the position of choosing a new logo or redesigning what you currently have, we understand that colors are often associated with different meanings and emotions. wisely, and to be consistent within your website and outside of it.


our logo may be the only thing someone remembers about your business, so make sure you give them something to remember – Think Canada Dry Drink, you don’t have to see the name to know what is or what type of drink you are going to buy from a hundreds of bottles in the fridge. You might never reach the success level of a McDonald’s or Coca-Cola, but we will treat the logo with the seriousness these companies treat theirs. It’s part of our brand identity – online and off.


What makes a brand come to life for customers – and helps keep them coming back – is a consistent and interesting personality and voice. We will help you find your business’s voice and personality and use it. Make sure every page of your website is injected with your brand’s personality.


With your domain name, or website URL, you have a few choices. The URL can be as simple as your company name or some derivative of the name. You can choose a phrase that you want your business associated with – especially when people use search engines. The other choice is to have multiple domain names. We can help you use multiple domain names to point to one website, known as redirection. Either way, whatever domain name you choose, keep it as simple as possible so that it’s easy to spell and remember. Above all, we will make sure it fits with your brand.


If you want to increase your brand’s authority in your industry and show your customers and website visitors that you take your website seriously, we will help you keep your content fresh and the basic information current. You can hurt your business’s credibility if your a news or offers hasn’t been updated in one months or if something as basic as a phone number or address are listed incorrectly. Branding is more than your logo and company name, especially on the web. Everything that goes into your website shows your brand and how your customers – and potential customers – view your business. We will help you build a successful and reputable brand on and offline.

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